Best Trekking Survival Knives

Trekking is a part of an adventure traveling in which activities such as hiking and walking are involved. Trekking is mainly performed in forest and hilly areas. Many people like trekking because of the adventure and journey into the nature once in a while. Trekking is normally a journey on foot, especially to hike in forest and mountain regions. The best part about trekking is you will get to see awesome nature. Who doesn’t love green mountains and plains from the top. If you love trekking then you already know about it.

If you are going for trekking in forest areas which is generally a very thrilling and adventurous trip then you must have seen various types of plants and animals. Normally all the trekking sites are considered safe then also there is a chance that you will encounter something wild once in a while. To encounter such problems, you always need a good survival knife which can help you out in multiple ways. A good survival knife can perform multiple things such as protection from animals, cutting of plants, some are equipped with fire starters too. 

If you know how to use existing knowledge about survival then you can go anywhere for trekking without worrying about safety. Survival knives can also be attached to a long stick to use it as a spear in case of emergency. There are so many trekking survival knife available in the market. Out of which, I have picked the most used and most popular survival knife for trekking.

1. 13 Function Stainless Steel Small Folding Pocket Knife

Here are some of the best features of this trekking survival knife-

  1. This trekking survival knife is an extremely versatile and useful knife.
  2. It is multifunctional pocket knife which has attached key ring.
  3. Valtev survival knife opens and closes with smooth actions.
  4. It includes bottle, can opener, saw, scissors, file, fish scaler, screwdrivers, number stainless steels blade.
  5. It also includes 1200D density nylon sheath to keep the knife safely.
  6. It has number of handy tools such as bright LED night and battery that you can not find usually in other knives.

buynow-bigIt is one of the best sellers in the trekking survival knife category and currently available at 50% discount on amazon. If you love to go trekking with your friends then this knife will be extremely useful to you. While trekking is always fun, safety of people with you should never be compromised. One should be ready for every type of situation. We highly recommend you to use Valtev survival trekking knife.