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For example, long swords were fast, lethal, and extremely

In the context of children’s diminishing access to quality play experiences cheap jerseys cheap nfl jerseys, particularly in the early years of schooling, Early Childhood Australia WAwiththe assistance of other WA key early childhood advocacy is campaigning for thedevelopment of a WA play strategy; and is seeking cross community support tolaunch this initiative from both individuals and organisations concerned for theeducation and care of young children in this state.ECA WA believes that the development of a state play strategy has the potential toelevate the status of play at home, in early learning and development centres, atschool and in the local community. The play strategy initiative will hopefully result ina government lead play strategy similar to what is now established in Scotland.Importantly, a WA Play Strategy would ensure the child’s right to play is clearlytransparent and accountable to the wider community; it would safeguard the child’sright to play and ensure their voice is heard in all matters affecting them, particularlyas these rights are enshrined in the United Nation as Convention of the Child (1989).The newly elected McGowan government has the opportunity to champion thedevelopment of the strategy in partnership with key stakeholders and ECA WA hasmet with the relevant ministers to seek support for this initiative.Community support is snowballing and will continue to do so until this issue isresolved. You, as an endorsee can also provide significant influence as ECA WAworks towards achieving this goal for our youngest citizens..

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